Friday, November 20, 2009

Outdoor Christmas Decorations

I know it's still a little early for outdoor Christmas displays (typically I stick to the after Thanksgiving rule), but I just couldn't wait this year. I showed you earlier this week how I made my wreath and garland and I used to pre-lit trees from Target to finish off the display. The trees came two in a package, so it worked out perfect. I added the bulbs to them so that they would match the other items. I would still like to somehow "dress up" the planters the trees are in, but I am not sure what I want to do yet. Maybe just add ribbons / bows to them? And the doormat is more functional than part of the display.

The garland was too heavy to hang using hooks with just stickies on the back, so my husband drilled holes and attached permanent hooks to the wood surrounding the door. I hate to have to do things like this, but it will make things a lot easier in the future and I will not have to deal with coming home to sections of the garland hanging down.

If you are going to make "ornament garland", like this, I would recommend that you hang the garland first and then attach the ornaments. I am not sure why I did it the other way around, but it resulted in many ornaments falling off when it was being hung and a few shattering on the porch. Don't learn this lesson the hard way like I did!

After I did my project, I was browsing on the Pottery Barn website and saw this! Without even knowing it, I pretty much replicated their design. And for a small fraction of their insane price!


  1. It looks fantastic! Can't wait to see what the rest of your decorations hold!

  2. LOOKS GREAT!! It's not too early, I decorate will next Friday. But you are pushing it ;)

  3. Loves it!! It looks great!

    Don't worry...people down by me have had their houses decorated and have actually been turning their lights on since 11/1...Now that is really pushing it!

  4. Thanks girls!!! I know I am pushing it a little!! But I wanted to do a project so bad!

  5. It looks great, even if it is a bit early. We currently have lights on one side of the front yard and still have haystacks and pumpkins (however we are not turning the lights on at all). We are celebrating ALL holidays.