Monday, February 21, 2011

Target 90% off Valentine's Day Goodies!!

Not even a snowstorm could keep me away from Target and their 90% off Valentine's Day clearance today! I went to three stores in total and am guessing I didn't spend more than $25! How often can you fill a cart at Target for $25?? I think the general rule is that you have to spend $100 during every visit?

I had heard about some Barbie stuff was that 90% off, so I checked out the "regular" toy aisles and sure enough, I found gift bags, a coffee mug, a travel mug and some cards in a cute tin. Of course, none of it was marked 90% off, but that just makes the hunt more fun! I was also very pleased to find the jar candles! It wasn't until I was at the second store that I remembered that Target even had candles for Valentine's Day. I checked out the candle aisle, and sure enough, there they were. Regular price was $6.99, which made them $0.69! Can't beat that.

I thought the Matchbox cars would be long gone, but I was lucky enough to find some hanging with the regular Matchbox sets. The set of five cars was $0.59! I believe the most expensive item was the Elmo recordable book, which cost $1.99 ($19.99 regular price). The Crayola Color Explosion sets were $0.39, the Sponge Bob stickers were $0.29, the baskets were $0.99, the loaf pans were $0.99, the Doodle Pro was $0.59. I couldn't have had any better luck! I have been blessed to live in an area with loads of Targets, so I am going to hit a few more tomorrow and see what I can find. I'll be back to share my finds!

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