Sunday, February 20, 2011

Target 75% off Valentine's Day Finds!

I don't think I have shared any of my Target deals here yet, but I am pretty much obsessed with Target's after holiday clearance sales. I before / on the holiday, I believe they mark down to 30%, then it's generally 50% for the 3 days after the holiday, then 75% for 3 more days and finally 90% the next two days. Sometimes this varies, but Target holiday markdowns generally follow the 3-3-2 schedule.

My secret is to go check out what is in the holiday aisles in advance. That way I know what I am looking for after the holidays are over. Things get moved all over the place in the store and you can generally find lots of holiday things in the regular aisles. Lots of the items that are "holiday" have nothing to do with Valentine's Day at all, which makes them great additions to kids party gift bags, etc.

My favorite finds are holiday books. You cannot beat discounted books! I like to give them as gifts or save them for the following year.

Some Targets went 90% off yesterday, however, none in my area (Metro Detroit) did. I cannot wait to check in the morning for more hidden deals!!!

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  1. That is quite the haul! My favorites are the hand towels.