Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Uppercase Living

When I first got invited to an Uppercase Living party, I'll admit, I wasn't very excited. I could not understand the concept of wall decals. After talking to a few friends, it finally clicked and I was intrigued. I ended up ordering two pieces. A custom one for above my bed which I was able to select the font, size, etc. I also ordered a stocked piece for my kitchen. The minute I got them up, I love them. My husband actually put them up for me (I tend to not do so well with that kind of stuff) and it took him maybe five minutes to get them applied on the wall. I will admit that I have not taken any off the wall yet, so I am not sure what will happen after I do. I imagine it's nothing a little paint can't fix.

Have you ever ordered from Uppercase Living or a similar site? What did you get? Or what do you want to get?


  1. love those!

    where are your nightstand lamps from?

  2. Carolyn,funny you should ask that. Those lamps are the subject of a blog post later this week!

  3. lol, Can't wait for it!

    I LOVE that duvet on your bed too!

  4. That is adorable. I have always meant to buy something from them.

  5. I got Reese's name framed in individual vinyl frames to go above her bed. Can't wait to show you!